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93-97 Toyota Corolla Erebuni Style 235 Full Kit


93-97 Toyota Corolla Erebuni Style 235 Full Kit Toyota Corolla Erebuni Style 235 Full Kit Includes Front Bumper Spoiler, Side Skirts, and Rear Bumper Apron. Excellent quality and fitment. Constructed of premium urethane.

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Universal Erebuni Style PA293 Roof Vent


This universal Erebuni style roof vent is the top selling body kit product. Quality and price make it the best cool addition to your car. Universal Erebuni Style PA293 Roof Vent

Why Erebuni Body Kits?

As the largest ground effects company in the world, Erebuni source their body kit and ground effects items in over a dozen different countries from more than 30 different factories, which utilize various production techniques and materials. The products are manufactured from plastic, urethane or fiberglass. Some Erebuni products are easy to install, such as the bumper lip spoiler that attaches with 2 way tape. Other products can be extremely difficult to install unless you have the right tools and expertise. One of the complex installs is a huge and elaborate full bumper spoiler which requires removal and replacement of the original bumper. Erebuni says they are "sacrificing consistency of our products for the sake of diversity and variety, but we have been told over and over by our customers that variety is more important to them."

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